Supportive Living

What is supportive living?

Supportive living is an affordable option developed by the State of Illinois for seniors to receive the assistance they need in a residential environment that promotes a lifestyle of independence with personal choice, dignity, privacy, and individuality.

How does supportive living work?

A Medicaid-eligible resident must have income equal to or greater than the current SSI amount (currently $674 for a single person; $1,011 for a couple) and must contribute all but $90 each month to the facility for room and board, meals, and services. The $90 is to be kept by the resident as a personal allowance to use as the resident wishes. One of the many benefits of the supportive living program and the reason why many of our residents choose our facility over a traditional independent or assisted living facility is because if a resident runs out of funds to pay privately, you may meet criteria that can make you eligible for supportive living. If so, your apartment, services and amenities will not change.

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